Ode to You

An early morning phone call,
An evening walk in the trees,
The beginning / the end
of a six-month chapter

Never had I known a Pain like this –
Stomach-churning, mind-consuming,
My arteries straining
With each pulse of memory

But now I feel them – my whānau
Anchoring me, their roots
Enfolding / branching across space
So his soul-shards may dance on

Your worldly body has become my home
My mind the life-long occupant,
My softness is not weakness
It’s what makes me you

Together, our heart (心)
A relentless force
Beating out into the universe

About the author
Amber Chang is currently a Masters student studying Social Cognition at University College London. Born in New Zealand with a Taiwanese heritage, her understanding of the world constantly shifts and evolves with every new ‘home’. She is fascinated by the forces underlying human behaviour and aims to use this human-centred approach to improve societal problems, such as those surrounding gender and education.