The Call to Adventure

This issue, MYTHS, came out of a tumultuous year held together by Zoom calls and flight by the seat of our pants. Plans were scrambled, features were paused, and we struggled to rally. And so, perhaps more than any other issue, we are proudest of and most grateful for this one — the stories you’ve sent us, the care of your work, and the ability to touch again once more a community we began to forget existed. 

We decided not to have any compulsory subcategories or stages as we have in the past, just to see how a less conceptual issue might open up imaginations. We received more submissions than we ever have in the past and we’ve loved seeing how our writers and artists engaged with old myths and traditions to tell and create their own stories. Much of that grammar underlies our present ways of thinking, so that engagement and retelling is important. From Ancient Greece and the Bible to modern New Zealand today, it’s been an honour and delight to go through each person’s work and for us to reimagine, through that, our own lives and landscapes. 

In many ways, the future remains uncertain. Myths, in large part, have always been a way to help us navigate that uncertainty. It seems fitting that these beautiful pieces of work wrestle with the darkest parts of our psyche and yet so many are filled with wonder, humour, and beauty. Each of these pieces give us the greatest gift that anyone can receive: a new way to move through the world. 

Janna and Anuja on behalf of the Oscen team: Nadya, Sherry, Kriti, Bianca, and Radi