We are open for submissions!
The next deadline is November 23.

While Oscen is accessible to everyone, our focus is on the perspectives that often get ignored. We want intersectionality. We want views on everything — no tokenism!

We publish anything, from articles to photography to playlists. We’re looking for multidisciplinary explorations in both subject and in style; so feel free to range far and wide outside the prompts below.

Next month

Coda: Who are you?

This month deals with the overarching theme by tying the preceding five months together. We take a more analytical perspective, querying why people gave the kind of answers they did to the question that we posed each month. It’s a chance to question the theme itself: having examined what we are made of, where we come from, and so on, does all that add up to an authentic self? Is there such a thing? Is it something we should strive for?


  • Month One: Who made you?
  • Month Two: What are you made of?
  • Month Three: Where are you?
  • Month Four: What do you look to?
  • Month Five: Who do you want to be?

If it’s written: around 800 words, and no more than 1000 (please send as a Microsoft Word-compatible document)

If it’s visual: no more than 5-6 photos for something like a photo essay (please send as high-res as you can in .jpg or .png) – include a title and brief description

If it’s a playlist: send it as a written list and we will try and make it Spotify-compliant! (please include a title, brief description, and cover art in .png)

Send up to 3 submissions. Works do not have to be previously unpublished, but please let us know where it has been published before for purposes of acknowledgement.

No discrimination. Anything racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, etc. will not be accepted.

Email submissions with a third-person bio to