Oscen [“oh-sin”], n.
A bird that gives omens not by its flight but by its cry.

Oscen is a magazine focused on uplifting marginalised voices. It creates and curates thought-provoking content that opens up conversation in a time of noise, fakeness and antagonism. We are interested in the other perspectives: The personal stories and the countercultural critique, the arts and culture lens on society, the views shut out of the mainstream.

We have issues and features (more coming soon!) and we want anything you create — whether it’s articles, poetry, creative essays, photography, art, collages, playlists, or multimedia combining all of the above. See our Submit page for more.

The Name

“Oscen” is Latin for “songbird”. In ancient Rome, augurs divined omens from birds, and they would do so typically by watching the flight patterns that birds would take through the sky. There were, however, certain birds from which augurs would divine omens through their song, not their flight. These were songbirds — birds which held the power of the future in their voice.

The Team

Janna Tay — Editor-in-Chief
Anuja Mitra — Managing Editor
Nadya Fauzia — Partnerships & Strategy
Kriti Mehta — Features Editor
Bianca D’Souza — Marketing & Social
Radi Baboe — Operations
Zoe Hu — Design & Web Development


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