Generic qualities of a wonderful place

Celebration rubs up against mundanity
A magician dressed as a security guard

Escape the weather
Talk about the weather or your dreams

A little daughter with a big following
(the shadow is bigger than the work)

Romanticising people:
The white Child is the obsession of the nativity and _______

dying race = colonial view
The pigment faded leaving an unnatural pallor

A ramshackle building,
so purple you almost can’t see it

The relationship between art and poverty
Do you believe that paintings can move?

Brands make us anxious
Liking things without being able to explain why you like them

A palpable sense of decline and decay
To do your Country proud you need to leave


from text, images and inspired ideas around the public art gallery

About the author
Kyra writes long political analysis/rants and shorter softer, feeling and sketch-based pieces. Kyra was born in Perth, grew up in Wānaka and Oamaru and is now living in Dunedin on the lands of Kai Tahu. They are prone to self-doubt like most artists, but when a glimpse of courage comes through Kyra performs poetry around the place.