Bedroom Artists

creating spaces
drive and passion

ever changing faces
establishing new places

aural / disposition
ocular / composition

paving an imminent isle of conception

bedroom artists.

To me, the term “bedroom artists” means creatively expressing what is important to you in your own space. This video explores five Auckland creatives doing cool stuff in their rooms and delves into their processes and experiences. It highlights the value in collaboration, as well as celebrates and showcases their work as it was at that time; a time capsule. Ranging from high quality music production to spoken word as a form of addressing social issues, bedroom artists use different mediums and styles to portray their ideas. The term ‘bedroom artist’, stemming from one of my own zines, is a celebration of people who are doing it for themselves.

About the author
Casey is interested in utilising multimedia techniques. She is less interested in producing what is known as ‘good’ design and more focussed on creating individually stylistic, bold and unique works that seize one’s attention - whatever form that may be. Casey thrives on collaboration and has recently gained an interest in amalgamating visual and audio to create an overall eccentric and individualistic experience. In her spare time, Casey loves a good boogie on the dance floor and eating copious amounts of chocolate things (where her real talents lie).