What does it really mean to be you? Are you more than the sum of your parts, or are you not quite responsible for the whole? This issue, we explore the fabric of our being, of our selves—how we were made, what we are, where we are, and who we one day wish to be.
Where there are people, there is power. As a collective and in relation to one another, power is unavoidable in society, in community. How, then, do we navigate this? How are we meant to live with one another and to live with ourselves? In our second issue, we want to explore three phases of power through the metaphor of a house: the structures in our societies, the rage and destruction of those structures, and how we might rebuild.
Humanity seeks purpose, order, truth, belonging. In times past, we looked to myths and gods in order to explain the world to ourselves and to understand why we should continue to endure. Myths and religion are often seen today as something that only irrational fools would believe in — we have now science, empiricism, the provable world. We cast off the narratives that hindered us. Yet we make new gods to fill their places. We look to ideologies and technologies and new narratives that are meant to hand down to us the irrevocable truth and to take us into the next era of greatness. So what are the myths of today? What should the myths of tomorrow be?