To the Woman I Will Become

you better have wings — great demon things
looming from your shoulders — you better be dangerous
ugly and sea-soaked and storming, better be the antihero
and unafraid of it — unashamed of it —
you better be stupid monstrous
dragonish in the jacket you bought for yourself —
your voice like Perseus’ shield — reflecting back
all the dastardly things in the world and how
to fight them — you better be
a colossal fuckwit creature
taking up space — you better be
giving no weakening phrases
no like or as, say no — leave no
distance between you and
tomorrow except for
your breathing —
you better never ever forget me
no matter what you say
i had a dream of you leaning over the
sinks pressing hands to my face checking
my temperature leaving imprint of wing-joints
between my shoulder blades —
come back for me someday

About the author
Pippi Jean played laser tag for her eighteenth birthday and her identity as a person is pretty much summarised by Pippi Longstocking. She was a finalist in the 2019 National Schools Poetry Award which was cool. You can find her most recent works in Starling, Flash Frontier, and Poetry New Zealand Yearbook.