come float with us

welcome to this house
it is now your home
please take off your shoes
and throw them in the bin

in this house we only wear jandals
or gumboots
make sure you shake the sand from your jandals
and scrape the mud from your gumboots

scrape the mud from your skin too
if it doesn’t come free
scrub at it with insistent history lessons of a peaceful treaty
and comments about going back to where you came from

come inside
but don’t breathe too much
there isn’t enough space for you
except on our diversity days
twice a year
then you may inhale all the oxygen you want

feel free to hang some of your fabric from the letterbox
we like other houses in the street to see all the different colours we have
but don’t hang it in the house
leave it outside

welcome to this cloud
a haven for you to float upon
you’re very welcome here
we welcome everyone
even people like you


About the author
Rhegan Tu’akoi identifies as a Tongan Kiwi and is currently doing her Honours in English. Words have always danced around her mind, but she only ever meant to write for a password-protected document