These boys with their burning mouths, they’ve got no way to say what they want

We wait in silence

Can you feel the fire licking you?
Softly, don’t you see? It’s not trying to hurt you
It would never hurt you

Why are you bleeding like that?
Under the spit, spit, spit and rain of ash

In the end we’re all reaching towards each other anyway

So why should it matter?
The blisters eventually pop and you can’t hardly
feel it really because it’s just liquid so
what are you complaining about?

I never know when I open my mouth whose voice is going to come out

Spent so long with your tongue down my throat
We absorbed each other by osmosis

When you said your blood was my blood
I opened my skin in front of you

This is called non verbal communication and why are you bleeding like that?

Did it cut you too, darling?
Can you tell the difference between a conversation and a subtext?

Did you set yourself on fire to keep us warm?

About the author
Eliana Gray is an award winning writer living mostly in Ōtepoti. Their poetry has been put in lots of places but most recently it has been put into their debut collection, Eager To Break, which will be available via Girls on Key Press this April. You can find them on Instagram @foxfoxxfox and sometimes in real life.