Soundscape: Garden of Celebration


Photo by Brandon Lin

As the year draws to an end, it’s time to reflect, catch up with forgotten friends, and push half-assed uncompleted New Years’ resolutions (the gym, 5+ a day, “i’ll go to lectures promise!”) to 2k20.

Oscen have been looking back on some of our favourite moments, catching up with events co-ordinator and dancer Cindy Jang a month after Garden of Celebration. The multi-dimensional art show was held in Raynham Park in October, with a strong kaupapa to celebrate artists from marginalised communities. It included workshops with Migrant Zine Collective, visual art and performances in music, dance and spoken word.

In this immersive podcast-meets-audio map of the event, Features Editor Sherry talks to Cindy about the process of creating spaces for artists of colour, pockets of silence and intimacy in gigs, and diversity within the creative arts scene.

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