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While Oscen is accessible to everyone, our focus is on the perspectives that often get ignored. We want intersectionality. We want views on everything — no tokenism!

We publish anything, from articles to photography to playlists. We’re looking for multidisciplinary explorations in both subject and in style, so feel free to range far and wide outside the prompts below.


Welcome to Issue 02: POWER

Where there are people, there is power. As a collective and in relation to one another, power is unavoidable in society, in community. How, then, do we navigate this? How are we meant to live with one another and to live with ourselves? In our second issue, we want to explore three phases of power through the metaphor of a house: the structures in our societies, the rage and destruction of those structures, and how we might rebuild.

Our first issue, Authenticity, took the form of asking a new question each month. We’re trying something different for our second issue. Over the course of six months, we’ll take on a new phase every two months for a total of three: Frame, Demolish, and Transform.

Next month


To dream of a better world for the future seems both impossible and necessary. But we want your imagined cities, your utopias, your new queendoms — and to know what it would take to manifest them into something we can hold. At the same time, we want to explore that shadow of fear that power might shift and simply become the same structures in a rebuilt form. Think of what came before — the frame might morph; your emotion and demolition might be used against you. How, then, do we truly reclaim power structures for ourselves? Is that even possible? And if not, what does that mean?


  • escape
  • rebuild
  • the possibility of creating anew
  • renew
  • the fear that nothing really changes
  • past, present, future
  • freedom
  • determinism
  • are we eternally bound?
  • pushback
  • resistance
  • revolution 
  • evolution
  • metamorphosis
  • transfiguration
  • what must be built? 
  • what is left to create? 

If it’s written: around 1000 words, and no more than 1500 (please send as a Microsoft Word-compatible document)

If it’s visual: no more than 6-8 photos for a collection or a photo essay (please send as high-res as you can in .jpg or .png) – include a title and brief description

If it’s a playlist: send it as a written list and we will try and make it Spotify-compliant! (please include a title, brief description, and cover art in .png)

Send up to 3 submissions. Works do not have to be previously unpublished, but please let us know where it has been published before for purposes of acknowledgement. Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment to contributors, but are looking to change this as our platform grows bigger and better.

No discrimination. Anything racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, etc. will not be accepted.

Submissions close on August 16th

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